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Bob Franquiz - December 18, 2016

The Kings of Christmas

From Series: "Christmas Unwrapped: The Real Story that Changed Everything"

We wrap everything at Christmas. Sure, we wrap gifts and we wrap up the leftovers. But it goes far beyond that. We wrap our emotions in a smile to hide the pain. We wrap our conflict in shallow embraces because we don’t want to deal with reality. And we even wrap the Christmas story to make it easier to digest. What if it wasn’t a silent night? What if there was no room at the inn because someone deliberately didn’t want to make room? What if being a pregnant teenager wasn’t glamorous and family members saw it as shameful? However, what if we unwrapped Christmas and discover what really happened? Not the sanitized, “made for TV” special that we turn the Christmas story into. Instead, the raw, unfiltered, uncomfortable story that is both misunderstood and glorious at the same time. Once you see the real Christmas story, it can’t be unseen. But once you do, you’ll see it more painful, more familiar, and more beautiful that you could possibly imagine. We invite you to join us for Christmas Unwrapped: The Real Story that Changed Everything

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