Message: “Love of Another Kind” from Bob Franquiz

Message: “Love of Another Kind” from Bob Franquiz

Bob Franquiz - May 24, 2015

Love’s Stretch Marks

Faith. Hope. Love

From Series: "Faith. Hope. Love"

Everyone is looking for something. You haven’t been able to put your finger on it. It’s why you feel empty sometimes. It’s why life doesn’t make sense sometimes. It’s why the good times are so fulfilling and why the great moments are so perfect. I’m here to tell you, that you aren’t looking for one thing. You’re actually looking for three things. The three things that are the most powerful force in the universe. The three things that make joy possible and make us believe that tomorrow will be better than today. It’s faith. It’s hope. It’s love. And it’s yours for the taking.


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