Children’s Ministry

Children’s Ministry

At Calvary Kids we believe that the Bible should never be boring. That’s why we created the Big Room environment. Here worship is engaging and Bible stories come to life though live action story telling.


Before your kids head off to middle school we want your child to have learned three things…

• I need to make the wise choice
• I can trust God no matter what
• I should treat others the way I want to be treated


The real impact though, takes place in the small group environments. Each week, after the Big Room, kids join their small group with the same leader and the same friends every week. This fosters an atmosphere of acceptance and security where kids feel the freedom to pray and share from their hearts.

A Small group leader is a parent’s best friend when it comes to raising children. Small group leaders want to connect with parents and each week will provide parents with the Parent Cue. The Parent Cue helps you, the parent, continue the conversation that started that day at church with your child!

Calvary kids takes place during all services at Calvary for Kids grades K-5th.