Mothers and daughters both desire bonds that flourish into meaningful influence as they grow older. Developing that friendship with your daughter takes time. As circumstances will have it, this generation of Mother’s has so many things expected of her.

The journey of life is more like a race to complete our routine… work, drive kids to soccer or ballet, homework, cooking, bath time, bed time…

It becomes difficult to find the time needed to create that bond with your daughter. That’s why we are makIng it easy for you Mom! Invest in your relationship with your daughter by registering for our Tea for Two event, Saturday, May 19.  

The Tea for Two Brunch is happening on Saturday, May 19th in 1- hour intervals.

You’ll eat brunch and connect with your daughter in a meaningful way. Plus, there will be some other fun surprises!

Just SIGN UP for the time slot that fits your schedule!

Don’t hesitate to make one of the most important investments you can make in the life of your daughter!


Dressy Casual

Date: May 19

Price: $35

Location: Calvary


Mothers desire bonds with their daughters to flourish into meaningful influence as they grow older. Developing that friendship with your daughter takes time. Moms and daughters are invited to join us for a time of meaningful conversation, glam sessions and lunch.

Saturday, May 19 10 am – 1 pm

Our goal with these events is to help foster the relationship between the parent and child. We understand due to circumstances beyond the child’s control sometimes a parent is unavailable to attend with them. We then encourage a significant adult (of the specified gender) in the Child’s life to attend with them.
Watch out for future family events in the year!
We have Mother-Son, Father-Daughter, Mother-Daughter, and Father-Son as well
Registration is done online
Follow this link to register:

Yes. We welcome moms to bring all their daughters to the event for a great time. As noted below, each daughter is an additional $10 to cover the cost of their meal.

The cost is $35 per couple and $10 for every additional woman/girl.

There is not reserved seating but a reservation is needed to attend the event to best accommodate everyone. Due to space we have 20 -24  reservation open for all 4 shifts.

This is a special occasion and an opportunity to wear your “Sunday Best.” A glam session will happen during the event for  girls ages 4 – 12 years old. 13 yrs+ will have a devotional time with some of our woman Leaders from Liquid.

Pictures will be available for download at calvarypix.com about 3-4 days after the event.